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Taxi Service

Could you use a hand getting your pup to and from daycare?

Kara’s K9 Retreat offers a Taxi Service!!! 

Taxi rides are available with-in a 4 mile radius of all KK9 locations!

The taxi begins morning pickups at 8:00am and then heads out at 4:30pm for evening drop offs.



(no taxi services on weekends)


Taxi Fees

starting at $10 /per trip.

(discount for mutli-pet families)


All rides MUST be scheduled before 8:00 am (morning pick-ups)

and before 4:00 pm (evening drop offs)


Ooops…. Forget to book on time?

We will do our best to accommodate but please note that additional fees may apply and there is a chance that the taxi is already in route and the service may not be available. 


To book your pup’s taxi please email us at:
Or call your pup’s facility
BIGS: 210-822-3647
MIDS: 210-841-7877
LILS: 210-758-5050

We ask that you please schedule via email or phone call

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