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dog running with toy

Gone all day and your pup wants to play?

Come play with us!!

Large outdoor areas with lots of friends!


PUPPY information:

Early socialization will help make puppies more tolerant of changes in their environment and helps prevent common behavior problems related to fear, anxiety, and/or aggression. Lack of early proper socialization experiences can be just as detrimental as negative experiences for your puppy.


* We strongly encourage that puppies join the pack when all vaccine boosters are completed!!

(typically around 4 months)  


Being with smaller dogs helps them build confidence and acclimate to pack play.  As the larger breed pups grow in size and personality, we "Graduate" them to the medium dog or big dog facility.

*New Pricing Starting

June 1, 2024*

We offer daycare services

Monday-Friday 7:15-6:00pm


Do these hours not work for you?

Click on our Taxi Service to see how your pup can get a ride!

Half Day (up to 5 hours)


Full Day (over 5 hours)



Looking for a Deal?? Check out our Packages!!


Daycare Packages       

5  Half Days: $125 ($25/day)

10 Half Days: $230 ($23/day

5  Full Days: $155 ($31/day)
10  Full Days: $290 ($29/day)
20  Full Days: $540 ($27/day)

These packages never expire!

Looking for an even BETTER deal??  Check out our Specialty Packages



all day Monday - Friday (expires each week)



+ 1 Complimentary Night of Boarding
all day Monday – Friday (expires each month)

Multi Pet Discount (Daycare and Boarding Only)

2 dogs – 10% off     3 or more dogs – 15% off


All dogs attending daycare must pass a free 2 hour evaluation to ensure they are a good fit with the other dogs. Must be Spayed or Neutered by 6-7 months and current on all required vaccines.  Oh yeah….Fleas Are Not Allowed!

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