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Gone all day and your pup wants to play?

Come play with us!!

Large outdoor areas with lots of friends!

We offer daycare services

Monday-Friday 7:15-6:00pm

Do these hours not work for you?

Click on our Taxi Service to see how your pup can get a ride!

Daycare Pricing

Half Day (up to 5 hours): $20

Full Day (over 5 hours): $28

Looking for a Deal?? Check out our Packages!!

Daycare Packages       

5  Half Days: $85 ($17/day)
5  Full Days: $120 ($24/day)
10  Full Days: $220 ($22/day)
20  Full Days: $400 ($20/day)

These packages never expire!

Looking for an even BETTER deal??

Check out our Specialty Packages

VIP PACKAGE (expires each week)
$85/week (all day Monday - Friday)

LOYALTY PACKAGE (expires every 4 weeks)

$340 + 1 Complimentary Bath
(all day Monday – Friday)

Multi Pet Discount (Daycare and Boarding Only)

2 dogs – 10% off     3 dogs – 15% off

All dogs attending daycare must pass a free 2 hour evaluation to ensure they are a good fit with the other dogs. Must be Spayed or Neutered by 6-7months and current on all required vaccines.  Oh yeah….Fleas Are Not Allowed!

Big Dogs
350 W Sunset Rd SA TX 78209
Medium Dogs
239 W Sunset Rd SA TX 78209
Small Dogs
354 W Sunset Rd SA TX 78209

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